Some Statistics a Week in !

We kicked off the Website nearly a week ago with great response and we really apreciate all your kind wishes and good will.

We originally started with 1 “Product” , we tested male/female split and we tested Nursing home split alone. However we decided to rest on “County” split as this was the fairest . Based on “popular” demand , we created a “Product” for our Irish speaking residents and it was kindly translated “As Gaeilge” for us.

There are now 20 out of 26 Counties covered!

725 Resident Names Collected and issues Manually By Geraldine before we started at all !!

2343 Names added to our tracking database.

Over 78 Nursing Homes on board

Total of 3062 Resident Names issued !!

Thursday 19th was the busiest day with over 680 “orders” and over 900 Resident names issued!

As of 0900 on 23rd we have had 11,573 active users to the website with over 54,661 page views!

A Google Analytics view on arrival and destination !

Most of our visitors came from Social Media , followed by direct then “organic search” which means they searched for us in Google or other Search Engine naturally.

Most of our visitors were using Mobiles , which is no surprise ! Global statistics revealed in 2019 that over 48% web users were mobile.

And most of them are using iPhones!

Some Interest from across the Globe !

Keep the interest up and thank you so much !

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